Painter´s studio

portrait painting studio

My studio.

Portrait Painting is my daily work, you know already. I spend much of my life in my studio, behind the easel.
It is therefore very important that my workplace be ideal. Not only in terms of lighting, but the spatial layout should be well thought out and the materials must be of good quality.
That sounds obvious. Yet I sometimes see workplaces that are far from good. I do not understand that. Even when painting is just your hobby, plan everything that this entails in such a way that it is optimally organised.
preparations for painting

Time line for painting a portrait

Someone once said: “A good portrait starts with what you had for dinner last night”.
Think it over!
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    Where are the gouache strokes?

    In the two red circles you see the gouache strokes

    In the two red circles you see the gouache strokes

    The answer to my question of two weeks ago, where in this watercolour portrait I applied two gouache strokes, is this: the bright reflected light under the chin and the blue accent on the collar of the shirt. Among the good answers I raffeld a DVD.

    The DVD goes to:

    Marija Gaspar from Zagreb. Congratulations Marija!

    Thank you all for your participation.

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