Me as a carpenter

carpentry kitchen

Finishing the home-made kitchen

I have told you before that, as a little child, I wanted to be a carpenter. Even though I went into art, portrait painting, the love of joinery has been a thread throughout my life and over the years I’ve done much carpentry. Now, we are finishing the house for the artist in residence rental. Much we do ourselves: electricity, water, stucco, tile work. Not because we have to but, on the contrary, because we can´t resist. In the picture you see me putting the final touches to the kitchen. With a little planing the natural-stone worktop can be installed.

Awhile back I came across an amazing video of Japanese carpenters making astoundingly precise wooden joinery. These professionals have elevated their skills to high art. Videos like this give me as much enjoyment as listening to my favourite music, or visiting a museum.

A long time ago I was friends with an English art director who gave me a book as a gift: The art of  Japanese joinery. He knew of my love and told me that joinery formed part of the graphic design training at the arts school in London. This seems strange at first sight, but I understand it completely. Enjoy the video!

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    Very interesting link

    This week on Facebook I came across a very interesting blog. A number of painters was asked for their palette and what medium they use. Complemented by a number of palettes of already deceased painter this website gives a very interesting insight into the kitchens of these painters:

    Paul Cezanne, Gideon Bok, David Campbell, Lin hot lesbian porn Chen, Christopher Chippendale,Susanna Coffey, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Lois Dodd, John Dubrow, Robert Dukes, Emily Eveleth, Janet Fish, Israel Hershberg, Diana Horowitz, Alex Kanevsky, Catherine Kehoe, David Kelley, Tim Kennedy, Ken Kewley, Susan Lichtman, Dik F. Liu, Sangram Majumdar, Nancy McCarthy, George Nick, Richard Raiselis, Harold Reddicliffe, Joseph Ryan, John Singer Sargent, Maggie Siner, Peter Van Dyck, Susan Jane Walp.

    Check out this link

    John Singer Sargent:. An Artist in his Studio

    John Singer Sargent:. An Artist in his Studio

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