American impressionism in Madrid (2)

Thyssen-Bornemisza American impressionism

I admit it: I had a prejudice against art historians. I would prefer to look for myself rather than listen to someone else talking about it. My stupid shortsightedness! Last Friday I attended the conference “American Impressionism”, organized by and at the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. I enjoyed tremendously the lectures and the expertise of the lecturers! The starting point of the conference was the influence of the French impressionism on the American art of the late 19th century.

3 x impressionismThe focus was the relationship of Claude Monet with several American painters who visited him in the French village of Giverny. In addition we were given an explanation of the role of Mary Cassatt, as a defender of the new style of painting in the United States. Continue reading

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    American impressionism in Madrid

    Next friday, december 12th, I´ll travel to Madrid to attend a conference on the American impressionism. Hopefully I can tell you next Sunday about my experience there. So come back by that time.Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 16.01.32

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      Work from photography

      Eugène DelacroixOn Facebook this week I came across a very interesting article on the painter Eugène Delacroix and the use of photography. This also has to do with portrait painting. I thought it is important to share. Here’s a short quote.

      Delacroix imagined that the daguerreotype (the term was then interchangeable with “photograph”) would contribute to a new and improved kind of painting, one he himself would not live to see. In his journal, he ended his account of the evening’s experiment with a confident glimpse into the future. “Truly, if a (painter) of genius should use the daguerreotype as it ought to be used,” Delacroix prophesized, “he will raise himself to heights unknown to us.”

      Eugène Delacroix

      Read the whole article 

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        Portrait of a paella

        It’s been 25 years since we arrived in Valencia. We came for one year but never left. Since then I could work exclusively with portrait painting. One of the first contacts we had in Valencia was the German Consul. I remember he said: “Ben, if you want to integrate well here, you should know whether to talk on Monday morning about football or paella“. I think we are very well integrated, but whether it was due to the advice of the consul I do not know. I do love football and paella though. I myself think that making friends is one of the most important things that you need to do to feel at home in a country. And we have made countless friendships in the recent decades. One of our many friends is Maria. She is a pianist and teaches at the conservatory. Last year I made a short video when she played Camille Saint-Saëns with her friend Carla.

        This weekend we were guests of her parents. Vicente, Maria´s father, is a specialist in making paella in the traditional Valencian way. Below is a photo report, and a link to the recipe of traditional Valencian paella.

        Spanish paella

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          Hello, portrait painters in Texas and California!

          When I started this blog three years ago I thought it would be hard to frequently write some interesting words about portrait painting. However it turned out to be fairly easy. In fact I find it great fun, and I  hardly run out of themes. In the course of time I have received a lot of nice and sometimes personal responses. Writing a blog, it’s good forming an impression of the readers. Google Analitics shows me where the visits come from. The attached images are from yesterday, 22nd October 2014. Most come from the US.

          I greet you all, especially in Texas and California; warm regards.

          Demographics worldmap

          Demographics worldmap

          Demographics USA

          Demographics USA

          Demographics Califoria & Texas

          Demographics Califoria & Texas

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