Why I love impressionism?

I’m not a psychologist. I feel things and I think things in my simple way, and for convenience I  assume that in this respect I am representative of a part of humanity. I asked myself: Why do I, and many others, love impressionist art?

two faces in one

Look closely at this picture and realize that, when you can see the two images separately you feel a kind of pleasure. At least I do. It’s similar when I find the solution to a cryptogram or a word puzzle. Recently I read this in an article about perception: “Studies have shown that when people struggle to find familiar shapes and are successful, they rate the work as “powerful”. Brain scans show very active neural activity as they struggle with the work. The brain sees the work as a puzzle and is pleased when it finds a solution”.

Often I have asked myself why I am indifferent to photorealism. In my opinion, part of the answer lies in the absence of the fun of the “aha” experience as described above. My common sense says: Everything is already to be seen and there is no challenge whatever for my brains. Therefore I suppose, I sometimes find photorealism boring.

Cheap mother wit? I don’t know, I am not a psychologist.

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    How I prepare watercolour paper

    This week I made a short video to show you how I stretch watercolour paper.

    There are numerous professional grade, watercolour blocks on the market.  (See my last post.) But when I use single sheets, I stretch it myself, on board. This method makes it possible to work even on low quality paper in watercolour.

    1. First, I cut four strips of water-activated gummed paper tape at the correct length.
    2. Then, I moisten the water colour paper with a sponge.
    3. I leave it to absorb the water and to fully expand.
    4. I stick the wet paper onto the board and let it dry. In summer this takes an hour, in winter more than double that time.
    5. Once dry, the paper is tightly stretched.
    6. Once finished I cut, with a sharp knife, around the painting cropping the paper.

    Now I can make my watercolour painting with no problems. The paper will not wrinkle when it comes into contact with water.

    Portrait in watercolour

    Another portrait I made this week. 35 x 40 cm

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