Portrait commission in watercolour

Painting a portrait in watercolour.

Working on a commissioned portrait. Watercolour.

It’s been a long time since I made a commissioned portrait in watercolour. The technique is so different from oils that I need to change my mind¬†substantially. I love this technique but I do it too little. So, today one of my good intentions: at least one portrait per month in watercolour. When the client gives me permission I will show you the end result.

I used watercolour: Rembrandt / Talens. Paper: Arches / France

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    Country life


    I have often shown you our vegetable garden and cannot resist doing so again. As much as possible, we grow our own vegetables. In the warm Spanish climate we can plant and harvest all year long. At this moment onions are ready for drying. Potatoes are stored inside and heads of garlic are strung up. Soon we will gather the tomatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, fennel and the beans. And in winter, of course, oranges. It is a luxury to grow everything you wish for your dinner table in your own garden. We really enjoy the country life!

    Vegetable garden

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